Why Should You Do The Theory Course?

Before The Driving Training Centre, most people studied for the theory and hazard perception test themselves.  This method of study is only effective if you have time and self discipline to study in order to pass the test.  The pass rate for this method of study is only 39%.   Doing a DVSA Theory Test Course is both time and cost effective as you pass the test in three weeks with no additional expenditure for study material. Our pass rates speak for themselves, over 90% pass first time.  Our course;

  • Our classroom has 9 computers with the latest Theory Training software.
  • We will cover the whole DVSA Theory and Hazard Perception Syllabus
  • A full qualified DTC instructor will talk through, explain and clarify the more difficult elements of the Highway Code to help you to understand the rules of the road. We will make sure that you understand what to look for when doing the Hazard perception test and you will get to practise both tests.
  • Every pupil is given an up to date copy of the Highway Code to keep and we can lend you a PC revision disc to take home. Our classroom is also available to pupils during the day if they need a quiet place to revise after they have attended a DTC course.
  • We would recommend that you book your theory test for a week to 10 days after attending the course and we can do that for you too if you would like.

Not only will you increase your chance of passing the Theory Test first time, but our students usually go on to pass their driving test first time too, with only a few minor faults. The reason for this is that our test candidates have a better and clearer understanding of the Highway Code because we structure our Theory Course in such a way that you are able to demonstrate this knowledge to the examiner during your driving test.

Saving You Money Too!

When you enrol on our Theory Course, you don’t have to buy additional books because we supply all the material you will need to pass the test. We will also save you money on additional test fees, as the majority of our pupils pass first time.

How The Theory Course Works!

The Theory Course is carried out over a one week period. You will attend three, three hour sessions in the evening. You will be taught on all subjects needed to pass the test. Additionally we cover subjects that we believe will give you a better chance on the DSA Practical Driving Test.

Our Fastrack One Day Course

Our Full Day Course is held on a demand basis. It usually starts at 0930 and finishes at 1630. It covers the same course material as the evening course and is ideal for those who are struggling to get time to attend our evening course. This day course is also perfect for those who need to get through the test as soon as possible. We can also book your theory test for you.

Theory Prices

  • Evening Theory courses £60
  • Daytime courses £70
  • DSA Theory Test fee £23 (from 1st October 2015)